Construction and Logistics

Pending receipt of planning permission, we are working towards construction starting in Autumn 2025 with first residents moving in during 2028.

We are committed to reducing the impact of the construction phase on our neighbours and will be working closely with the community, our contractors and the local council to minimise the disruption to local people.

  • Employ an industry-leading building contractor to deliver the project
  • Employ a Social Impact Manager to provide a single point of contact for our neighbours
  • Prepare a logistics plan to ensure construction traffic is managed effectively
  • Register the project with the Considerate Contractors Scheme
  • Look to maximise the use of offsite construction to reduce the number of vehicle movements and programme
  • Install site wide hoarding for safety and security, including CCTV, site alarm and biometric access control
  • Implement dust and vibration control measures
  • Restrict noisy works to working hours only
  • Implement a Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery booking system to reduce vehicle congestion and waiting times
  • Undertake wheel washing for construction vehicles to keep our roads clean and safe
  • Encourage personnel travelling to site to use public transport

We will be submitting a Construction Management Plan with our planning application with details of our proposed construction methodology and mitigation measures.