Landscape Design

Biophilic Design

We have put biophilic design at the heart of our residential developments, which is a concept to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct and indirect nature and the experience of spaces. It will not only benefit residents but the local community and wider environment.

Key Principles:

  • Prioritise soft green landscaping
  • Planting to soften straight lines
  • Variation in scale, texture and colour of plants and materials
  • Maximise use of natural materials
  • Considered layouts and use of natural light
  • Features to bring people together
  • Biodiversity

Wellness Garden

A courtyard garden with focus on wellbeing. The wellness garden provides a series of green and sunny spaces for a range of organised and informal activity, encouraging residents to spend more time outside.

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Neighbourhood Garden

A courtyard garden for the benefit of the local community. The neighbourhood garden provides a space for a number of different uses, including childrens play and relaxation.

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