Our Homes

  • Tech-enabled apartments for different size households, including families, thoughtfully designed and built to our high standards
  • Nature-based designed homes which incorporate natural lighting, ventilation and landscape features to create a more productive, spacious and comfortable living environment
  • Shared green spaces, including play areas for children, with roof/podium gardens for residents to socialise and relax
  • Resident amenities, including gyms, resident lounge/kitchens, work hubs and other services
  • Homes managed and furnished by the John Lewis Partnership with a 24/7 on-site team
  • Options for long-term tenancies to provide residents with the opportunity to put down roots locally

Affordable housing

As a socially responsible business, it is our intention to provide as much affordable housing as possible.

The affordable homes would be rented at a discount to the market rent and managed by us.

The eligibility criteria would be agreed with Reading Borough Council and are likely to focus on local key workers, such as nurses, paramedics, teachers, police officers, social workers and carers, within the borough.

All affordable homes would be the same specification as the market rent homes and distributed throughout the development, ensuring all residents have access to the same facilities and amenities.