Our evolving proposals are being guided by key principles set out by the John Lewis Partnership’s Sustainability Framework:

Aim to divert 100% of demolition waste from landfill and reusing materials where possible;
Applying circular economy principles to all existing materials;
Undertaking whole life carbon analysis on the scheme to understand how the building will perform when constructed.

Urban Greening

Landscaped courtyards provide external amenity space for residents aiding health, happiness and well-being.

Sustainable Drainage

Landscaped courtyards and brown roofs will be used to aid a sustainable drainage strategy.

Clean Energy

Renewable resources will be targeted within the energy strategy utilising solar panels and air source heat pumps.

Form, Shading and Insulation

The building is arranged around courtyards providing solar shading to avoid overheating in summer months. High specification insulation prevents heat loss in winter months.

Sustainable Transport Links

Promotion of a car-free scheme environment, generous cycle parking and strong links to local transport connections.

Home Quality Mark

4 Stars targeted for Home Quality Mark to ensure homes are well designed, well built and cost effective to run.

Optimising for the Future

Designing with the future in mind, using high performance materials and insulation.


Proposals are designed for increased safety with access to two means of escape and no excessive travel distances.

View within wellness garden